Product Information

Products Offered
The Ironing Board Covers are available in two different fabric formats:
There are styles and sizes available to fit the different types of ironing boards:
        Extra Large
        Medium "Robinhood"
        Built in 
        Table Top
        Mini Board 
        Ironing Press
The Standard size fits most ironing boards.
In South Australia these products can be found at
    Bette & David Rycroft 
    Seaview Downs, South Australia

    Phone:   (08) 8296 4822
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Manufacturing Details

The ironing board covers are constructed from quality curtain fabrics, and they have a white cotton lining on the underside.  Between the two layers is a 200mm layer of poly-fibre filling.  The fabric is quilted to hold all the layers firmly together.
Around the edge of each cover is a matching fabric binding which contains an extra-strong 2 cm-wide strip of non-roll elastic.  This draws in the edges of the cover so that it wraps snugly and neatly to the underside of the ironing board without the need for any ties or tapes.  A generous wide overlap onto the underside of the ironing board means that the cover will never slip off the ironing board.
Product Specifications
 (fits most boards)
Fits boards from 48" to 54"  (122 to 137 cm) long
15" (40 cm) wide
 Extra Large  Fits boards from 54" to 60" long (46 cm wide and from 137 to 152 cm) 18" (46 cm) wide
 Medium "Robinhood"
 Fits boards up to 48" (122 cm) long 15" (40 cm) wide
 Built in  Fits boards up to 38" (96 cm) long 13" (32 cm) wide
 Small  Fits boards up to 45" (114 cm) long 13" (32 cm) wide
 Table Top  Fits boards up to 32" (82 cm) long 12" (30 cm) wide
 Mini Board  Fits boards up to 29" (74 cm) long 13" (32 cm) wide
 Ironing Press  Fits boards up to 24" (62 cm) long 11" (28 cm) wide
Other sizes  Made to order