Company Background

Ry-Craft Creations is a small family-owned business run by Bette and David Rycroft.  It began operations in 1994 and has been growing steadily ever since.

Bette Rycroft has had a lifetime interest in home decorating and sewing.  She began work in the garment manufacturing industry after studying dressmaking in a technical training program.  She gained valuable experience in interior decorating by holding positions where she advised clients on colour and style in their homes.

Bette Rycroft personally makes every ironing board cover herself in her home workshop, thus ensuring high-quality workmanship. David Rycroft handles the cutting of the materials and the packaging of the products. The marketing and distribution of the finished goods are handled jointly by both Bette and David.

For further information contact

                Bette & David Rycroft
                43 Davenport Terrace
                Seaview Downs, South Australia   Postal Code 5049

        Phone/Fax:              (08) 8296 4822   (Australia Country Code is 61)